Patience, and then all at once.

That’s how Lucas’s story begins.

It seems like Aliana wasn’t even two when people began to ask us when we were going to have another child. This is such an invasive question, and one that broke my heart a little bit each time. But that’s a different blog post. Maybe another day.

We waited three years before truly discussing adding a second child to our family. For me, it felt like long enough. We got to enjoy Aliana exclusively, got to experience all of her milestones and accomplishments together. But I knew that I wanted to give her a sibling, particularly close in age. She was always asking, too. And from my personal experience of having a large age gap between my sister and myself I wanted her to grow up and have a relationship with her sibling. So last summer, we decided to give it a go.

It took a little longer to conceive than it did for Aliana. Any woman trying will tell you of the disappointment month after month, but thankfully, the day before my birthday, I learned that I was pregnant.

This is where it gets a little interesting.

For the last two-three weeks, my grandfather had been in the hospital with what turned out to be terminal cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away the very same evening I tested positive. It was weird, and maybe a little morbid, but the reminder that life continues even when others are lost was soothing to me.

I wanted to plan a crazy reveal for my family, but felt that it would be best to share this balm with my mom. So, when she and dad called me the next morning to wish me a happy birthday, I gave them a present instead. She thought it was a trick, and asked Andrew if I was joking. She started to cry and I could hear dad laughing in the background. It was honestly the best birthday ever for all of us, and something that I think strengthened my relationship with mom.

It sounds weird, but the superstitious Guatemalan in me thinks it’s all connected.

To recap the pregnancy: it was incredibly different than my first. I had little to no morning sickness and did not lose weight my first trimester. I was so happy and praised God that I did not have to suffer through that agony again. I suspected that we were having a boy based on how much easier it was this time around. It quickly became clear that I was going to have a much bigger baby this time. My hips began to hurt not long into my second trimester, and continued through to the end. I started to see a chiropractor to help with my pelvis and ligament pain, and it helped tremendously.

We were also preparing for another homebirth with our fabulous midwife, Michelle. Honestly, I know that choosing a midwife is such a personal choice and you really have to find one that just vibes with you in every single way, but I cannot begin to describe to you how amazing this woman is. I am not exaggerating, I literally have tears in my eyes just thinking about the wonderful gift she is and the blessings that she has brought to my life. She is a great nurse and midwife, but most importantly friend. She will forever be a part of our lives.

As I grew larger and larger, I began to prepare for another early birth. I had been experiencing Braxton-Hicks but they didn’t feel how I remembered, so I didn’t recognize them. Then, I started to feel real contractions, particularly at night: ten minutes apart, but mild, for two to two and a half hours every few nights. I would text Michelle each and every time, “it might be baby time!” Boy, was I wrong.

I said hello to weeks 37 and 38 for the first time, and these practice labors continued. I downloaded a contraction counting app but they always tapered off after two hours. Coworkers were losing out on the baby pool left and right. It became customary to greet me with “I hoped I wouldn’t see you today” instead of “good morning.” I started to sleep on the couch for additional back support. And it was there that Andrew woke me on Father’s Day a little after seven to let me know what he had planned for the day.

I felt awful because I had completely forgotten it was that day. I hadn’t even bought him a card! He understood though, and didn’t feel any less appreciated for it. So we planned for him to spend his day doing his favorite things, starting with shredding old files and cleaning and sorting out our filing cabinet. If you know him well, you know the satisfaction he gets from this, the weirdo.

But Lucas had other plans.







Ode to the Button

Your shape was decided in 1987
And 23 years later have received
An unexpected makeover.

Once an innie, now a flattie,
You’ve revealed your true shape within,
Like a lotus chip, your compartments now
Reveal spaces previously unknown in your natural state.

Soon, the flattie will become an outtie,
and you’ll poke through my clothes.
No popper stopper for you (sorry Jeff),
I promise to embrace your changes gracefully,
And allow you to finally see the sun.

ps: the hair you've sprouted grosses me out.


PICTURES! annnd The Bradley Class Starts Tomorrow!

Hey everyone, we’re busy-bee’s as usual but I’m stopping by to show you some pictures. First off we have Ziggy who managed to crawl into the cabinet and stick his tongue out at us.

Get Out!

Next we have Lilly looking for her kitties. She won this awesome nursing cover from and was looking for a cat to be her “test subject.”

She wasn't having much luck...

Finally, Lilly was able to snatch up a cat for her dry run; however, Dean wasn’t having any other it and wanted OUT immediately!

... and Dean said, "GrrrrrRrRrrrrrRrrrrrr"

P.S. Our Bradley class is starting tomorrow morning, so I’m sure we’ll have a follow up after the class, stay tuned!

Well Folks, Punxsutawney Phil was Wrong Again

I’m currently sitting in BabyGirl’s room. It’s around 7:00am on Monday morning and the snow continues to fall outside.

It's not over yet...

I’m really happy BabyGirl won’t be born in the middle of winter and that Lilly’s most pregnant days will be after all of the snow has melted. I feel like a winter birth is a lot of work for both mommy and baby especially when frigid temps and thigh-high snow is uncomfortable enough for the average person. It’s funny how things work out. When we began trying we didn’t really think about when our baby would be due, honestly we didn’t think it would only take two months before the pee-stick read preggo, but it happened, and God couldn’t have picked a better time of year.

Heat and Hot Water, Don’t Ever Leave Us Again!

I love dedicating this blog to our daughter, but I can’t pretend like everything is peaches and cream. It’s full of cold showers, unexpected financial punches to the gut, idiots, late night bass-bumpin’ neighbors, muscle pains, vomitting, and overly-needy felines. I can sense your envy. But hey, could be worse, I mean, I could with the Lottery. How awful would that be!

After my ice cold shower and downright aggravating day at the office I was informed my heat and hot water were up and running. It was then that I was able to take my first breath of the day to think about the humorous suffering that is about to enter my life. My BabyGirl will be crying late at night, she will be puking on my shoulder, leaking out of her diaper, screaming in the car, and throwing food… everywhere. I foresee great times ahead!

I’m not being a total cry-baby. I wholeheartedly believe I will somehow find the humor in it and truly cherish the above moments; although maybe not until she is 15 and I realize just how precious it all was once she starts yelling at me that “I don’t understand her.”

Not Enough Sleep

I’ve mentioned before that I have sleep apnea. How, do you say? I certainly don’t fit the appearance of one who would normally be diagnosed with sleep apnea but it can also be hereditary (so i’ve been told) and my dad has had surgery for it, so there’s the connection.

I don't care if this is what I will look like, just give me a C-PAP!

I’ve been having trouble sleeping since I started college so, for about six years now at least. I can’t sleep through the night. The last time I did that was when I bought my body pregnancy pillow to sleep with, and even then it was only the first night. Last January I began falling asleep at the wheel, always waking up in time to see myself begin to veer off the road (and always able to right myself – I swear I am a safe driver! but all we seem to talk about is my car troubles). That January I called my doctor for an appointment to talk about it and ask for sleeping pills. I didn’t get any, but he did refer me to a sleep specialist.

I don’t want to get into why it took so long (but i was highly unsatisfied and very peeved when they finally called me to make an appointment in May) but I got in for a consultation with the specialist in June. My appointment was made for a July polysomnography (sleep study), to see if I actually did suffer from any sleep disorder, including Narcolepsy. So, they call me two days before the test to cancel my appointment. Apparently the technician who was supposed to run my test had an “emergency” and wouldn’t be able to perform the test. So I was rescheduled to August. I get a call the week after the call to cancel asking me to show up that night for a test (that was also a last minute cancelation on the patient’s side). I was angry, this was so unprofessional. I was leaving for San Diego to see my sister the next day, there was no way I could come in for a test. So, we kept my August date.

So the test finally came. We won’t go into what issues I had the day and night of the test. Results time — idiopathic hypersomnia and supine sleep apnea. The first part meants i’m overly tired and sleepy without a visible (medical) cause or diagnosis. Second was obvious. BUT here’s the kicker — my apnea is not severe enough to treat with a C-Pap machine. Their solution: don’t sleep on your back.

Okay, anger has reached boiling point and I explode. Somehow I managed to train myself to sleep on my side or on my stomach, one of which is no longer possible.

Now that I’m pregnant I have erected a wall of pillows around me (and I’m sure Andrew appreciates it sooooo much 😉 ) but somehow in my sleep, regardless of all the pillows, I am turning onto my back and waking up choking and coughing up a storm. This is really beginning to affect my quality of life. I honestly just want to cry and beg for a C-Pap machine, but don’t know if it will really be all that effective if my apnea only acts up if I’m on my back.

I am just about to die I’m so tired. Okay I’m exaggerating, but seriously, please, give me some respite from this. It’s really painful and I need to sleep… and I know it’s not going to get any better when the baby comes, but at least it’s for a reason worth getting up for.

In Case You Missed It

If you didn’t make it into our address book this year (I supposed last year at this point), here’s what you missed…

Our extremely well thought out, very precisely planned announcement of our pregnancy is displayed below. Through blood, sweat (mine), and tears we produced this quality piece of Christmas cheer and managed to mail it before the 25th! If you’d like to receive one next year, just send us your address! It’s always nice to keep in touch via snail mail!

Merry Christmas!

We kept the pregnancy a complete secret from ALL extended family and many of you on Facebook (sorry guys!) until we hit the 3 month mark. We did however spills a few of the beans and told people at work and other friends we see on a regular basis. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to not tell the whole world. But, now it’s out in the open, we’re at 20 weeks I believe, and Lilly is definitely feeling the pressure of our growing baby.

Speaking of which, we are a little nervous at the moment because she’s been experiencing lower abdominal pain (but it’s not the abdominal muscles) since her car accident. From what I’ve gathered is there are two tendons that hold the uterus “in place.” Before pregnancy they are very small, 1-3 inches long; however, during pregnancy they are 5-7 inches long, stretching as the baby grows. They may even get longer but I’m just the husband, I really have no idea. Anyway, the pain Lilly is experiencing to a point is normal, but we’re being cautious and keeping a very close eye on it in the event it’s not so normal. My assumption is that because these tendons are stretching, they are already sore. Throw a jolt from a minor T-bone car accident, and you possibly hyper-extend these already strained tendons. Maybe they’re ligament, I don’t remember, but I know there are two of them. In any event, I hope my wife and baby girl are doing okay and that the soreness will soon subside. As always, we’ll keep you posted and ask to be included in your prayers for a healthy mommy and baby.

Commence Painting

The painting of our little girl’s room has begun, and the cats in their ruthless attempt to destroy everything have failed with the help of the bedroom door! They’ve clawed and cried, but have been exiled to the rest of the apartment full of pillows, warmth, food and water. I’m heartless I know.

Due to a spontaneous reorganization of my Company’s holiday schedule, I have off tomorrow which will allow me to finish painting before my wonderful night job. Hopefully Lilly will be able to post some pictures tomorrow night for all to see.

It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!

This morning we found out our little baby is a little baby girl! I was so happy when the technician told us because I knew Lilly was ecstatic. She was hoping so badly for a girl and I’m glad she got her wish. Ultimately we just want baby to be healthy, boy or girl, but it’s always a nice bonus to get what you hope for. Thanks God!

We were about to hit the baby stores after work this evening but got side-tracked as we had to get an estimate on the damage to Lilly’s vehicle, then we got gas, hit the grocer, annnd just got lazy. I’m sure we’ll be out bright and early tomorrow to start planning our registry and decor for the baby’s room. Very exciting times we live in! And very busy!