Conversations with Aliana, 22 Months

At dinner Monday night, Aliana was singing one of her favorite songs. She changes the names based on her friends’ and family…

Aliana: “Ali Kahrs, we love you….Ryan, we love you…Daddy dew, we love you…”

Drew: “Why does she call me that?”

Me: “Ali, what’s daddy’s name?”

Aliana: “Dew”

Me: “You mean ‘Drew’?”

Drew: “That makes so much sense now!”

If you were wondering, I’m “Mommy Kahrs”!

Continued Baby Prep and Spontaneous Date Night

Seeing as how we have no money at the moment I spent the day taking care of chores/tasks I’ve put off long enough. I’ve slowly been trying to sift through all of our stuff so we can focus solely on Baby when she arrives. Today was filing cabinet day as well as usual household chores. I pulled out all the useless stuff from our filing cabinet and shredded an entire garbage bag full of random documents (bills/receipts/memories of bad financial decisions). I also washed about three days worth of dishes and tossed everything from our freezer straight to the dumpster (came home Friday to the freezer door open and EVERYTHING defrosted… damn cats, I know it was them).

Pretending to help me build a bookcase, but secretly thinking about how him and Dean are going to ruin all the food in the freezer.

Dean acting confused as to why he is in jail. He knows why, oh he knows.

Around 5:00pm Lilly was passing out from shear boredom having spend the day doing laundry, eating, and watching the Jersey Shore (I watched with her. Neither of us are proud of this). Then she suddenly got a huge hankering for some fried mozzarella. Learning from a previous night when I denied her of her food craving, we IMMEDIATELY got dressed and headed over to Carabarra’s for appetizers (swipe credit card). It was a really fun time. We sat at the bar and watched all of our food prepared right in front of us. Realizing it was our first date in quite some time, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and even ordered dessert (ice cream covered in caramel and roasted cinnamon-sugar pecans). Mmmmm.

I’m glad I was able to make Lilly’s night; however at 9:00pm it has come to an early end. We’re so full it has become bedtime, and yes, we both know it’s a Saturday night!

P.S. Preview of BabyGirl’s bedding is below

BabyGirl's Bedding!

Weekend-Wind-Down-Time (aka Daddytime)

Well it’s Sunday again. Lilly and I have had another eventful weekend, not to mention the unfortunate event on Friday afternoon, and we are ready for another “fun-filled” workweek.

Here at home, the laundry has been folded, the dishes washed, and the carpets vacuumed. Lils and I finished off this evening with an awesome beef roast, the movie The Town with Ben Affleck and some 2005 Tempranillo (for me of course.) After a rough start Friday and a busy Sunday morning, I’d say this evening brought it all back together. I think I’m ready for my usual 17-hour Monday, ugh, better get some shuteye.