Picking up where we left off…

Ok — obviously, it’s been a long time since we last updated. A LOT of things were happening, many quite personal that I won’t really get into here. But basically, I think we needed to concentrate on us as a family for a while. So here we are… here’s a basic recap some cool things we’ve done since 2012. [And note this is pretty one-sided]

Of significance:
  1. Aliana not only turned one, she also turned TWO! and a month from tomorrow turns THREE. We’ve successfully kept another human alive and thriving for 35 months.
    Victory Baby
  2. We bought our first house! After 8 months of searching and attending at least 20 showings, I stumbled upon our house while trolling Zillow. We pounced on it, and here we are, 9 months later and still enjoying living there. One of the things I was really excited about was finally being able to make a place my own. My most important mission upon moving in was to find THE perfect color for our front door. Growing up, I had a long bus ride to school. There was this grey house on the way, with dark grey shutters and a bright yellow door. I said to myself, “One day, my house will have a yellow front door.” I don’t regret the decision whatsoever. The house just looks happy and welcoming. It totally has character! (Behr’s Honey Locust color matched to Valspar Duramax.)

    House and door

    Even on a rainy day, it makes me happy!

  3. I was laid off from my first job back in 2012. Within two weeks, I was back at work as a freelance proofreader and copyeditor. Within a month of this, I was hired full time as an assistant content editor with the company in which I was freelancing. I admit to taking a few days off to wallow in self pity (there were a lot of cupcakes involved) but I had to pick up my big girl pants and get a job. Just last week, I was promoted and transferred to a new department. I’m not an associate project manager, and it’s been pretty sweet so far. Project management has always been an interest of mine, and if any of you remember, I interned as a PM at Microsoft. Life kind of came full circle at this point.
  4. I fulfilled a life-long dream and had my nose pierced. Despite everything that I did to take care of it (honestly, I was obsessed with keeping it clean), it refused to heal. I had it taken out after 11 months. I have a tiny scar, but it’s barely noticeable. It was actually kind of freeing to have it removed. I think I was going through some weird, post-having-a-child-and-starting-a-new-job life crisis. I felt like I needed some excitement in my life. Ultimately, it didn’t work out.
  5. But that didn’t stop me from getting tattoos number 2 and 3 (or numbers 10, 11 and 12 if you consider each character a single tattoo). This, I do not regret. All of my tattoos have extreme significance, so I do not regret a single one. Andrew is officially jealous that I now have more ink than he does. I think that officially makes me a badass. My friend Jamie is trying to convince me to get #3/13 with her, but I don’t feel like there’s anything I “need” right now except a little retouching. I’ve always wanted a feather, but there’s no real significance to that for me to really justify it. I was able to at least find a significance to the heart on my finger, but I think i totally faked my way into that one, haha.
  6. Andrew’s been having some weird, digestive issues and we might need to go gluten free. We’ll know more in May.
  7. We went on our first family vacation. For months I worried about entertaining Ali on the plane, but luckily she was a total trooper and didn’t cry or get loud at all. Fortunately/Unfortunately, she started potty training right before we left, so it was a little hard having to juggle undies and pull ups and knowing where the closest bathroom was. Luckily she did great on vacation, did not regress at all. She’s also keeping dry through the night, or she will wake up asking to go to the bathroom. We’ve been really lucky so far. It’s funny how people tell you that it’s so easy to potty train once their mentally ready to do so. It’s unbelievable until you’re there, doing it. It really was super simple and quick, and I cannot begin to tell you what we did to make it work. It just did.
  8. I started knitting in December 2012, and thought it was pretty cool. I stuck with crocheting for a while, until I heard about a Harry Potter knit along (don’t judge, it is totally AWESOME) in September 2013, and I’ve been knitting ever since. I always thought that knitting looked hard, but I’ve actually found it to be quite easy and much more versatile than crocheting. I love both, but knitting has really given me a lot of satisfaction. I’ve also made some pretty great online friends through Ravelry.
  9. Oh, and I had another car accident in December. Totally not my fault, I was rear ended while stopped at a yield sign, but the injury lasted for a few months. I’m still dealing with shoulder discomfort, but having Andrew give me “adjustments” on a regular basis has helped tremendously. The car barely had a scratch on it, it’s such a beast, but it did end up getting a lot of work. And we had to replace our car seat even though she wasn’t in it at the time. It was a completely new experience now that I have a child. When Andrew picked me up from the ER he had Ali. She told us she wanted me to have a baby. Somewhere, she must have picked up the notion that babies come from hospitals (even though she was a home baby?!?). The nurse heard her and gave a pretty loud chuckle.
That’s pretty much all I can think of right now. I’ll probably be back in the next few days with some pictures of the house. We’ve done quite a bit of painting so far, but in reality have only completed two rooms. Ali’s room is the most put together right now, and I’ve been pretty happy with how it’s turning out. So. Yeah. That’s all I got for you.