hands and feet

32 weeks and 6 days (7 weeks left)

i can feel hands and feet now, or rather, i can feel the overall shape of hands and feet.

i’m having some trouble distinguishing which is which, because her back is on my spine when i feel her appendages best. so, since i can’t quite tell which end is her head and which is her butt (which is very easy to distinguish), it’s hard to say which is a foot unless she were kicking like she’s swimming. usually, it’s just a big poke that slides around or in and out. it feels like a big flat roundness. today i was able to feel that one of these round pancakes was slightly long, so it may have been a foot, but i’m not 100% positive.

it’s so awesome! it makes me more anxious to see her. it’ll be happening soon! at this point, she can be born somewhat safely. It would have to be a hospital birth, because she would be considered premature. at worst, she would need to spend a month in the nicu, but most neonatologists would probably not be phased by it at all, the survival rate is so high. once we get to 36 weeks she can safely be brought into this world, at home or in hospital.

there is some preparation left before we’re ready for our daughter to make her appearance. first, our baby shower is on may 7. we’ll be traveling down to long island where most of our families live to celebrate with the perez’s and the kahrs’.  we also (and probably most importantly) have to get our birthing kit, which will provide some extra tools for Michelle (our midwife). this includes things like tape for the umbilical cord, (there’s no other way to say this) piddle pads, and other little items in this vein. it’s getting very exciting around here!

Much Better

29 weeks and 5 days (this mean’s there’s only 10 weeks and 2 days left!!!!)

I’ve been doing much better the last two weeks, especially the last few days.

Andrew has actually made me laugh very hard a couple of times, and that hasn’t happened in a while. We’ve also had some good conversations about preparing for the birth and baby. We’ve had some miscommunications about what our expectations are of each other, and also talked about some things that we need to sacrifice in order to defer to each other a bit more. Andrew has been amazing in taking over the upkeep of our house, but there is still more that I can do so that he’s not doing everything all by himself. We’re certainly working towards being more supportive of each other in the ways the other needs. I think we’ve been trying to do it in the way that we expect in which to be supported, so it’s time to take a step back and do the reverse.

Our friends Laura and Nick welcomed a beautiful little girl, Elise Christine, on Tuesday. I haven’t had the chance to see them just yet, but I am cooking and delivering dinner for them on Wednesday. Congratulations to the Marcheses!