In Case You Missed It

If you didn’t make it into our address book this year (I supposed last year at this point), here’s what you missed…

Our extremely well thought out, very precisely planned announcement of our pregnancy is displayed below. Through blood, sweat (mine), and tears we produced this quality piece of Christmas cheer and managed to mail it before the 25th! If you’d like to receive one next year, just send us your address! It’s always nice to keep in touch via snail mail!

Merry Christmas!

We kept the pregnancy a complete secret from ALL extended family and many of you on Facebook (sorry guys!) until we hit the 3 month mark. We did however spills a few of the beans and told people at work and other friends we see on a regular basis. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to not tell the whole world. But, now it’s out in the open, we’re at 20 weeks I believe, and Lilly is definitely feeling the pressure of our growing baby.

Speaking of which, we are a little nervous at the moment because she’s been experiencing lower abdominal pain (but it’s not the abdominal muscles) since her car accident. From what I’ve gathered is there are two tendons that hold the uterus “in place.” Before pregnancy they are very small, 1-3 inches long; however, during pregnancy they are 5-7 inches long, stretching as the baby grows. They may even get longer but I’m just the husband, I really have no idea. Anyway, the pain Lilly is experiencing to a point is normal, but we’re being cautious and keeping a very close eye on it in the event it’s not so normal. My assumption is that because these tendons are stretching, they are already sore. Throw a jolt from a minor T-bone car accident, and you possibly hyper-extend these already strained tendons. Maybe they’re ligament, I don’t remember, but I know there are two of them. In any event, I hope my wife and baby girl are doing okay and that the soreness will soon subside. As always, we’ll keep you posted and ask to be included in your prayers for a healthy mommy and baby.

Finished painting!

So Andrew finished painting yesterday afternoon. At first when I walked in there I was absolutely stunned. I didn’t know if I liked it or hated it, just because there was so much pink and i’m not used to it yet. I said, “I kinda like it….” to which he replied, “Kinda is better than not liking it.”

A day later and I LOVE it. I think it is amazing. We’re starting to second guess whether or not we want to do a white chair rail where the green meets pink, so I’m putting it out there for you to vote with your comments.

Without further ado, babygirl’s bedroom (please excuse the mess that still resides there)

View walking into the room. This is the wall the crib will be against

View of the window (we are getting different curtains)

Wall opposite crib


Family Emergency

The original plan Friday was to finish painting baby’s room and put our apt back together, but that was not the case and will be done tomorrow. Hopefully we can have some pics of the finished room posted by tomorrow night.

In regards to the emergency, out of respect for my family’s privacy I will not go into detail about the emergency, but for the time being everyone is safe. Here’s a quick rundown…

On Friday afternoon I raced out to Syracuse to see to my family, actually got pulled over on the thruway which did nothing but slow me down. I spent most of the night at the hospital, had a few good cries, and drove back to Albany early this morning. Again, everyone is okay, and I had Lilly stay at home while I went as there was severe weather on the thruway and I didn’t feel it was safe for Lilly and baby if there was an accident along the way.

Make sure you have hugged and kissed your loved ones tonight, and remember that family is family no matter what happens. I’m so thankful to have 3 loving family’s in my life, my side, Lilly’s side, and mine and Lilly’s together. Life is in no way easy, but with family we can get through it together.

Baby Girl’s Bedding

So last night we made a late evening trip to Babies R Us. I’ve been looking for bedding for a week now and fell in love with this set. The colors and the butterfly theme matched perfectly with what I’m going for in the nursery. Only question was, would it match the colors on the walls?

So yesterday, I was showing the online listing to some coworkers to show them more or less what colors we were going for as well as what type of look we wanted. Sure enough, when the window popped up, the price had been reduced by tons. So, I headed out with Andrew to buy it quickly. Sure enough, it’s on clearance, and we got it for almost $100 off! Now that is what I call a bargain.

What made it even awesomer was that the colors are an exact match! Andrew’s currently taping the walls for the last color, then tomorrow we’ll finish painting and I can post pictures on Saturday.

So here’s a picture of the quilt and the window valance:

Pinks, greens, and whites. Perfect!

Seriously, I can't say it enough: it was a perfect match!

Now the only thing left is to get a mattress, and wash it all. I’m only afraid of washing the bumper, but if we follow the washing instructions I don’t see how it can get messed up. Any other moms reading who’ve washed the bumpers? Do I really have anything to fear?

Say Hello to Ziggy (aka Satan’s Spawn)

I would like to introduce you to Satan’s Spawn #2, soon to be replaced by our baby girl (just kidding, he’s not going anywhere). His name is Ziggy. We picked up this little guy almost a year ago from the Humane Society. He’s nearly 2 years old now and grew up on the mean streets of Albany, NY. We’re happy to have him as part of our family because he’s the most affectionate, feisty, maniacal crazy little fuzzball and we love him dearly. He’s entertaining to say the least. In the pic below I think he looks like such a bad-ass (although “bad-ass” does not fit his persona whatsoever).

Funny thing is Lee and I are dog people. We both grew up with dogs and never had a cat, ever. Quite frankly, we never liked cats; but due to our dog restriction at our first apartment we rescued Dean and Ziggy from a local shelter. To our surprise, these cats have been awesome and are really easy to maintain (when they’re not clawing you or your furniture).

19 weeks tomorrow

18 weeks 6 days

weekly photo

so, andrew said i’d post pictures of the baby’s room this week, but i am not going to until the painting is finished. Because the old color is still visible in half of the room, i am totally hating how it looks right now. so, i’ll provide in progress photos as well as the end result when we get there, unless i’m feeling generous and decide you deserve a peek.

i’m just hoping that in the end i don’t regret the colors. the green went from a sagey green to a minty green. and don’t get me started on the pink. i must admit that the pregnancy has addled my brain. i am forgetting the simplest, stupidest things. i don’t feel like myself, or as peter wiggin said in the ship, “I am not myself you see.”

ten points to you if you know what i’m referring to.

Commence Painting

The painting of our little girl’s room has begun, and the cats in their ruthless attempt to destroy everything have failed with the help of the bedroom door! They’ve clawed and cried, but have been exiled to the rest of the apartment full of pillows, warmth, food and water. I’m heartless I know.

Due to a spontaneous reorganization of my Company’s holiday schedule, I have off tomorrow which will allow me to finish painting before my wonderful night job. Hopefully Lilly will be able to post some pictures tomorrow night for all to see.

Baby’s Name, Colors, and finding out the sex

So excited that our baby is a little girl! And let me tell you there was no question about it.

If you are easily offended with using the proper names for female anatomy then please, do not read the next paragraph. You can begin reading again in two…..

Start offending paragraph here:
It took the technician FOREVER to get to the part where she could tell us the sex of the baby. She was a student, and technically wasn’t allowed to tell us anything without the main technician there (she popped in half way through and stayed until the end). So, I started yawning and basically falling asleep for the first hour, but I was really uncomfortable. Lying on my back is becoming increasingly hard, even if I’m just relaxing in bed reading. I’m not supposed to sleep on my back anyway because of my sleep apnea, so I already am not used to lying in that position for very long. Anyway, to cut to the chase, the lead technician says to us, “Alright, you guys ready to find out what we have?” with a resounding YES they proceeded to turn the screen towards us.
Student Tech: “Alright, you see these three lines right there, in between the legs…? That’s the labia.”

Resume reading here:

Andrew had the best reaction ever, I did not expect it. He smacked his hands together and practically screamed “YES!” I was certain that he didn’t care what she was, that it was just me that was praying it would be a girl, but apparently Andrew  wanted a girl just as bad.

Now I’m prepared to answer any questions. I may even start my own FAQ section. Here’s two that I have been asked so far:
What’s the baby’s name? Sorry, but we’re not sharing. Maybe in the future we’ll reveal her initials, but from the moment when we settled on a name we decided not to tell anyone.  Funny story, is that we decided a girls name way before we even found out we were pregnant. Once we were, we couldn’t narrow a boy’s name down, and now we’re both happy to have that pressure taken off. You’ll know her full name on her birthday in June.

You hated pink growing up, so what colors are you using for your nursery? Believe it or not, pink! After using pink in a lot of my designs in school I began to like certain shades of it. I’ve grown up and gotten over my pink-hatred. I wear pink, my favorite nail polish is pink (OPI’s Koala Bear-y to be exact), my phone’s cover is pink, and now the baby’s room will feature two shades of pink and sage green.

Now the next thing for us I guess is to begin a registry somewhere. Store’s I’ve been looking at so far are Babies R Us, Pottery Barn Kids (where I bought the CUTEST mobile ever), and Buy Buy Baby. Anyone have any suggestions in terms of other stores to look at?

We’re buying the paint tomorrow, and unfortunately still have some clearing out to do in our spare room, so we probably won’t be painting until President’s Day weekend, when I can take that Monday off  to supervise and help where I can (I decided to not take MLK off, there’s too much going on at work at the moment). But you know me, I am impatient, and when I set my mind to something I don’t let go until it’s mine.

It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!

This morning we found out our little baby is a little baby girl! I was so happy when the technician told us because I knew Lilly was ecstatic. She was hoping so badly for a girl and I’m glad she got her wish. Ultimately we just want baby to be healthy, boy or girl, but it’s always a nice bonus to get what you hope for. Thanks God!

We were about to hit the baby stores after work this evening but got side-tracked as we had to get an estimate on the damage to Lilly’s vehicle, then we got gas, hit the grocer, annnd just got lazy. I’m sure we’ll be out bright and early tomorrow to start planning our registry and decor for the baby’s room. Very exciting times we live in! And very busy!