16 weeks! Officially Planning a Homebirth!

Lilly is now showing! AND, I can feel the uterus! It’s the size of a mini basketball that fits right into my hand. For so long now Lilly has been waiting for the day she would show, then all of a sudden within a weeks time, she “popped.”

I can see Lilly has been maintaining this blog more than myself, but here am I to discuss the controversial decision we have made… to use a midwife instead of a regular Obstetrician. After much research, thought, and discussion between ourselves, we feel this is the best approach for us. Also, this is now officially official because we have received the pre-authorizing required by our health insurance provider. This means our provider will cover nearly all of the expenses charged by our midwife. Also to add, our Midwife is extremely experienced (nearly 30 years), has delivered over 1000 babies, is a Certified Nurse Midwife, and is therefore legally allowed by New York State Law to practice midwifery. We have met with her twice thus far and have been very pleased with her knowledge and personal service. She schedules hour long appointments instead of the 5 seconds you get with a normal Obstetrician. Lilly has been incredibly happy with the decision which is all that matters.

In case you were wondering we do have a back-up plan. In the event we need to transfer to the hospital during the pregnancy now or during labor, our insurance will cover the medical expenses there as well. We’re doing our best to cover all the bases, but obviously we’re new at this.

Baby’s second picture

Baby at 12 weeks exactly! This was for the first trimester screening, and their measurements looked good!

it looks like a baby now!

Baby put on quite a show for us yesterday. Kicked and punched around for a good half hour. I seriously thought that it was going to do a somersault. Apparently, baby is extremely active, and we discovered why I pee so much – baby’s feet are right up against my bladder. My bladder is being kick-boxed into oblivion. It makes me dread when baby gets bigger, but honestly, i’ll admit (and i don’t think that Andrew even saw), but seeing that little creature move and shake and dance, i cried a few tears. I swear, there are no words to describe how joyful it was to see my darling child happily move about.

I don’t know quite what (or who!) you look like, but God, you are beautiful and I love you to pieces.