Women who say they enjoyed every minute of pregnancy, did NOT have morning sickness

(For continuity’s sake, today is Week 7 day 6.)

Notice I haven’t actually written here yet? Yeah, it’s because I couldn’t get my head either out of the toilet or off my pillow long enough.

Okay I’m exaggerating, I’m only averaging about 1.5 times a day, but still. It’s pretty detrimental to my day, and leaves me slightly weak. All I want to do is nap afterwards. A few time’s I’ve actually avoided throwing up by simply falling asleep. And what’s with it being called “MORNING sickness”? it should be called ALL THE TIME SICKNESS. I’ve had tons of suggestions from well meaning mommies but nothing has really worked for me. At this point, I just smile and say thank you, I appreciate your trying to help. Ugh…

Let’s talk about the fun stuff though. I’m going to get pretty graphic, so if you don’t want to read it, please don’t continue.

My body is changing. Last time something like this happened, it was puberty, now it’s something entirely different yet the same at the same time. I’m getting pimples in places I’ve never had them before (mostly on my face). My boobs are growing, and I won’t tell you which one is suddenly bigger than the other (okay fine, it’s the right one). My pants don’t close!

The good side is that there’s this awesome thing out there (there’s different kinds but this is the kind I bought) called BellaBand which can hide unbuttoned and unzippered pants and also helps keep them from slipping down (which, with this extra width I’m carrying is not very likely). This is super helpful, because it looks like I’m wearing a camisole under my shirt, so I’m not dressed inappropriately at work. This also means I can hold off on buying maternity pants for a bit more, since really, it fits everywhere else, just not where baby is sitting.

Tomorrow, my uterus will be the size of a grape fruit and baby is the size of a lima bean. Note that the uterus in it’s natural state is only the size of a plum, so quite a bit of growth in just two months!

I’ll leave you with a picture from two weeks ago. This is my 6 week’s belly photo. as you can see, it’s not very noticeable yet, and the only difference I can even tell myself is by my pants not fitting. but we can at least begin to tally how my mid section will change week to week.

6 week belly

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