The pregnancy continues!

Much to talk about tonight.  Took a few days off but we’re back with some intense updates.  First, had a miscarriage scare.  Second, Lilly threw up for the first time!

Tuesday afternoon/evening Lilly was getting some spotting.  After reading nearly 1/4 of my first baby book I knew this was normal.  We both kind of brushed it off and went to sleep feeling okay about the whole thing.  All of a sudden Wednesday rolls along and by the time Lilly gets to work its a different story, she’s bleeding same as she would if she were having a period complete with full-on cramping.  She called me at work in a panic and before she hung up she was on her way to the OB.  Our formal appointment wasn’t supposed to be for another week but we were freaking out.  She had blood drawn that afternoon.

The next day we got the results.  The doctor said Lilly had to at least have a hormone count of 500.  The results showed 16,000.  Whew, a good sign.  Friday morning she went in for another blood test which resulted in a hormone count of 21,000.  Crisis averted, thank God.  We were so nervous.  We weren’t even sure if we should keep reading the baby books Thursday night.  Not much was said but I know we were both hoping for the best.  We still have our originally scheduled OB visit this coming Tuesday.  Hope the good news remains the same.  Bottom line, we’re definitely pregnant!!!

The next item up for discussion is Lilly’s 23rd Birthday.  She wanted to go to her favorite restaurant called Koto.  It’s just like Benihana’s but it’s here in Albany.  Anyway, she was all excited.  I had arranged for some of our friends to meet us there, and before Lilly got 15 feet from the front door she started gagging, ran away (walked fast), and puked up her recently eaten potato on the side of the building as patrons were walking to and from the restaurant.  In addition to that one of our friends drove by as she was mid-hurl.  After recouping we decided to head to The Olive Garden where the smells were a little more tolerable and ended up having a great night.  Morning/Afternoon/Night sickness is hilarious on my end (pending everything is safe with our baby of course).  I pray our visit to the OB on Tuesday goes as planned.

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